12 Ways to Thrive in Retirement

Nurturing the body, mind, and spirit is a vital part of aging well. If you are looking for ways to live your best retirement life, these tips are for you. From managing your money to spending time with children, here’s some practical advice you can use.

Thriving After You Retire

  1. Change it up. Doing routine tasks a little differently challenges the brain. Take a new route to church. Find a different location to take your daily walk. Get a new hairdo. Anything that forces you to alter regular habits stretches your mind.
  2. Make music. If you don’t already do so, learn to play a musical instrument. Buy an inexpensive keyboard, guitar, or set of drums and teach yourself to play or take a class. Music is another activity that promotes good brain health.
  3. Parlez-vous français. Take a foreign language class. Whether it’s French, Spanish, German, or Japanese, learning a new language is another way to challenge the mind.
  4. Find joy with kids. Staying socially engaged is an important component of aging well. But don’t limit yourself to peers. Spending time with younger generations is good for the spirit. Kids’ laughter and playfulness will boost your mood and create joy.
  5. Safety check. Even the most active older adult needs to be mindful of potential hazards around the home. The risk of falls increases with age, as does the likelihood of being injured in a fire. Make time to conduct a quick safety sweep of your home or hire an occupational therapist to do it for you.
  6. Purposeful life. When you leave the working world behind, having the freedom to do as you please is exciting at first. Over time, however, it can lead to bad habits. Spending too much time watching television is one. After you give yourself a little time to relax, find a few meaningful ways to spend your days. Take a class. Volunteer at your church. Start your own business.
  7. Focus on fitness. Core strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility keep you feeling fit. They also help to prevent falls. Once you retire, make a point of exploring fitness programs. Try a chair yoga class or Tai Chi. Join your local YMCA and swim in a heated pool a few times a week.
  8. Mind your money. Did you create a budget before you retired? While most seniors did, not everyone is good about sticking to it. Set up and stick with a reasonable budget. Some people find paying for things in cash, and avoiding the use of credit cards, makes it easier to stay on track.
  9. Rainbow menu plans: Nutrition is one of the most important factors in healthy aging. One tip that can help you when you are planning weekly menus is to remember to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Red, orange, yellow, indigo, violet, blue, and green are the seven colors that make up a rainbow—think about these colors as you grocery shop.
  10. Get your Zzzzs. Sleep is another must when it comes to living your best retirement. It is common for older adults to suffer from sleep problems, especially insomnia. If you are struggling to get a full night’s rest, talk with your primary care physician. They might be able to determine if a medication is causing the problem or they may recommend you for a sleep study.
  11. Follow your dreams. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from following your dreams. Retirement is a time to pursue your passions.
  12. Meditate. Stress can take a toll on the body no matter what your age. Mastering the practice of meditation can help calm the inner voices that might be causing you stress. You can learn how to meditate by taking a class at the local senior center or even by watching videos on YouTube.

A Thriving Community in Nassau County

Our final tip is to give careful consideration to where you will live during retirement. Moving to a thriving continuing care retirement community, like The Amsterdam, will provide you with ample opportunities to live your best life.

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