Do Your Kids a Favor

Recently with “Storm Alerts” flashing on the weather channel, my 4 children (all of whom live on the east coast) knew they didn’t have to worry about me. They recalled how The Amsterdam at Harborside not only took care of its residents during “Super Storm Sandy,” but even were able to accommodate some of their children who had suffered from power outages.

So What’s Your Plan?

We are all planners. Unless we are resigned to letting the wind blow our sails without any forethought, we have the option of making decisions about the directions our lives take. And this is called planning. When we are small children, much of our life is pre-planned—by our parents, by our teachers, by our community. But as we grow up, we learn to steer our own ship.

Warning from a Resident

All of us are aware of the many scam and fraud calls that we receive each day, but sometimes, we may be caught unaware of calls that appear very real. That is exactly what happened to one of our residents, a very savvy individual, not one to be caught off-guard by professional thieves.

Community and Continuity

Community and continuity are two constants in our lives. They provide a sense of connection to the past and to others.

What’s Going On?

What’s Going On?

If you pass the Living Room on a Wednesday afternoon, you may wonder, “What’s going on in there?” The activity is one of the less publicized events that take place on a weekly basis as a small group of residents, sitting on easy chairs and couches, share their thoughts on poetry. Their interest and knowledge of the topic was amazing to me, a first time attendee.

Making New Friends as a New Resident

I put a deposit on my Amsterdam apartment in 2005, before the building was built, hoping to be one of the first occupants with the conviction that it would be easier to make friends before many people were in residence.

Why I Appreciate Our New Hometown

As lifelong Long islanders, Dick and I rarely visited Port Washington. For us, living twelve miles east in Woodbury, it seemed off the beaten track of our usual travel experiences. The few visits that we made to Port Washington were by boat and included docking at Louie’s and walking around the seaport area. Now, location for us has changed, and we have settled in at Port Washington and The Amsterdam. We utilize the shops in town along with the outstanding library on Main Street as we thoroughly enjoy our new hometown.

Amsterdam into the pool

Everybody Into the Pool!

Well, probably not everybody … and most certainly not all at once, but we are delighted to have our Amsterdam pool open once more.

View from my window

The View From My Windows

Like many of my fellow residents at The Amsterdam, my experience with apartment living was very limited. So when my husband and I chose our fifth floor apartment (from architectural plans because the building was not yet built) we carefully selected the view we wanted. Facing east, we particularly anticipated being able to catch a glimpse of the waters of Hempstead Harbor.

Amsterdam Front

How We Arrived at The Amsterdam

For sixty-eight years, I was married to a man whose motto was “Nothing is a problem. It is merely an opportunity.” One day, he came home from a luncheon appointment with a friend and said, “Joan, I’m going to have to stop driving. Today, as I came to a traffic light, I couldn’t feel whether my foot was going to touch the gas pedal or the brake.” This was an event that would definitely change our way of life.

Coffee Cup with Newspaper

My Day at The Amsterdam

Some of you may recall Eleanor Roosevelt’s column “My Day” which was printed in a syndicated column when she was first lady. That’s a high standard to set, but I will attempt to tell you about “my day at The Amsterdam” during the Covid pandemic.

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