Community and Continuity

Community and continuity are two constants in our lives. They provide a sense of connection to the past and to others. When my husband and I moved to Glen Cove in the 50’s, we were able to find both. We enjoyed the closeness of the small development we lived in as well as the various communities of the small city of Glen Cove — big enough to provide a diverse and interesting population and small enough to be in touch with our different groups.

We found community through our children’s schools, our synagogue, the League of Women Voters (which also served as a basis for many friendships) and eventually through my job at the Community Development Agency. In our 57 years of residency in Glen Cove, we lived in 3 different houses in different neighborhoods, but continuity was provided by the relationships we had established along the way.

After we both retired in 1991, we discovered a new community in the establishment of the North Shore Historical Museum. In the process of restoring a 100- year-old Court House and transforming it into an historical museum, we formed a bond with our fellow Board of Trustees as well as the people in the greater North Shore area that it serves. History, of course, is in itself a means of bringing continuity and connection to what has taken place before and goes on into the future.

When we moved to The Amsterdam in Port Washington in 2011, we were drawn to its proximity to our old neighborhoods and connections, but found a new, warm and welcoming place to live as well. We felt so lucky to become part of yet another community in our lives. An added attraction was our ability to keep the connection to our wonderful museum by partnering with the activities program here at The Amsterdam and arranging for groups of our residents to tour the museum and even participate in some mock trials there.

As part of our life’s journey here at The Amsterdam, we have found that it is possible to make new friends in our new community and continue along that road together.

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Written by Rhoda F.

I just passed my 9th anniversary of living at The Amsterdam. I’ve served as Residents Council Chair and currently represent the residents on the Board of Directors.

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