Do Your Kids a Favor

Recently with “Storm Alerts” flashing on the weather channel, my 4 children (all of whom live on the east coast) knew they didn’t have to worry about me. They recalled how The Amsterdam at Harborside not only took care of its residents during “Super Storm Sandy,” but even were able to accommodate some of their children who had suffered from power outages.

They also are relieved to know that we continue to receive great care during the COVID pandemic, with all of our needs being attended to while we remain safe and healthy in our apartments. Now that we are all vaccinated (arranged by The Amsterdam) we are able to have a little more socialization as they cautiously relax some of the restrictions. In the meantime, we can choose ZOOM programs or carefully monitored in-person activities to keep busy and entertained.

My kids (they are in their sixties, but they’re still “my kids”) sympathize with their friends who are anxiously on call to attend to many of their parents’ needs. From grocery shopping to doctor visits, transportation is available at The Amsterdam. While many of us are still driving, we are all happy to know that our cars are parked and retrieved by the valets in our garage. The insurance companies are happy too.

When my husband and I were investigating CCRCs and the advantages they offer, relieving the children’s responsibility and worry about our well-being was one of the benefits we foresaw. So, do your kids a favor and look into The Amsterdam at Harborside for your next move. And while you’re at It, do yourself a favor and discover what a friendly new welcoming community can do to lift your spirits and contribute to your good health.

Want to learn more about The Amsterdam? Request an information packet or schedule a tour and see for yourself how good life can by at this dynamic independent living community.

Rhoda Finer

Written by Rhoda F.

I just passed my 9th anniversary of living at The Amsterdam. I’ve served as Residents Council Chair and currently represent the residents on the Board of Directors.

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