Everybody Into the Pool!

Well, probably not everybody … and most certainly not all at once, but we are delighted to have our Amsterdam pool open once more. We reserve our spot in the pool (no more than eight at one time), and it’s so nice to be able to enjoy it again. Several of my pool buddies and I have been going down regularly and we have our instructor Marie to lead us in our exercises. We have been attending her classes — rain or shine, winter and summer for several years and always emerge invigorated and relaxed. Although I generally don’t care for indoor pools, the fact that we have a complete glass wall looking out on our garden patio takes us out of doors visually in all weather. There’s nothing like splashing in a heated pool while watching the snow fall just yards away.

But if you’re a true landlubber and getting your feet wet is not your thing, there are still opportunities to participate in exercise classes on dry land, in your apartment in front of your computer or TV, or in-person at our fitness center. Our fitness instructor Dave conducts his live fitness sessions on ZOOM 3 times a week and on tape on our in-house TV channel on the other days. Yoga Instructor Mia is on tape with Yoga twice a week as well. The physical fitness center is also open on a limited basis and appointments can be made with Dave in his role as personal trainer.

And for those of you who prefer to do their own thing on their own time, we have our walking paths. When the weather permits, I like to do my laps around the North Lawn. I’m told that each lap is 1/8 of a mile and I challenge myself to try to attain my own record of 8 laps each time I walk. My fellow residents cheer me on as I walk past them. Others take the long walk around the campus and adjacent roadways. That’s a little too strenuous for me. And since we are only a stone’s throw from the local public golf course and the walk along the Hempstead Harbor beachfront and park, other exercise venues also beckon.

Of course we are all looking forward to the time when the Covid curse is beaten, but in the meantime, we are staying safe and healthy.

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Written by Rhoda F.

I just passed my 9th anniversary of living at The Amsterdam. I’ve served as Residents Council Chair and currently represent the residents on the Board of Directors.

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