Update from Brooke Navarre, Executive Director

At this time, we have a total of nine residents who have tested positive for COVID-19. At the direction of each person’s physician for the most appropriate medical care, some are in the hospital, and some are being treated here at the Tuttle Center or have been quarantined in their apartment. Unfortunately, two of these residents have passed away, both with pre-existing conditions. Our sincerest condolences to those families.

As a result of these cases, we have a number of residents on a mandatory 14-day quarantine in Independent Living. At the Tuttle Center all applicable residents are in isolation for the protection of other residents. When possible, we are advising residents if they had any direct contact with a COVID-19 person. However, this information is not necessarily all-inclusive and we recommend treating everyone as though they are carriers of the virus.

At this point, we have only one staff member who has tested positive for the virus and this person is no longer on the schedule until they are cleared to return to work. It takes a lot of courage to come to work right now and we appreciate that courage and the ongoing efforts of our dedicated staff.

Finally, I again want to reiterate that everyone has to do their part. We are urging all residents to stay in their apartments for their own safety and the safety of the community.

We thank everyone for their continued cooperation during these unprecedented times.

Summary of The Amsterdam’s Coronavirus Plan

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