Executive Director Brooke Navarre ensures that residents are treated like family.
Executive Director Brooke Navarre ensures that residents are treated like family.

It’s our pleasure to serve you.

All of us at The Amsterdam approach our work with one thought in mind — to surprise and delight you with warm, caring, responsive service. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we feel we’re all part of one family. With us, it’s personal, and that makes all the difference.

extra step

Going that extra step.

It starts by finding and hiring knowledgeable, reliable professionals whose passion is working with people. Training them to understand and deliver genuine service. And instilling in them a true sense of pride.

And so when we provide concierge assistance with your appointments, entertainment, travel or whatever might be needed at the moment, we derive genuine satisfaction from seeing you smile. We make it our business not only to know your preferences, but to anticipate them. Isn’t this what personal service is all about?


Amenities for comfort, convenience and high expectations.

Step inside The Amsterdam and you’ll immediately feel drawn into an inviting world of style and grace. Spacious common areas appointed with flowers and fine art. A warm fireplace in a comfortable living room.

Our own library. Dedicated rooms for bridge, seminars and events. Of course we offer guest accommodations for visiting family, friends or business associates.

Such amenities let you lead an easy, stress-free lifestyle filled with all your favorite activities, but without rushing around or fighting traffic to enjoy them. You’ll find everything from a fitness center, pool, art studio, beauty salon and barbershop, and much more.

Living life your way is simply easier at The Amsterdam.

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