How to Choose a Senior-Friendly Realtor

Moving can be challenging at any age. Mental health experts rank moving as one of life’s most taxing events. In terms of stress, moving ranks near losing your job or getting a divorce.

Older adults have the added sentimental struggle created by selling a home. Many seniors have lived in the same house for decades and may have raised a family there. Even when you are excited about moving to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), parting with a cherished home is tough.

Finding a realtor who understands the unique needs of older adults, and has experience and training in senior relocation, can help make the process of moving a little easier. We have a few suggestions to aid you in selecting a realtor when you are selling your home and moving to a CCRC.

Choosing a Senior Real Estate Specialist

The National Association of Realtors created a special designation for realtors who work with older adults. The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES) credential is awarded to those who have undergone additional training. These are realtors who have made a commitment to assisting retirees with the unique challenges they may encounter as they prepare to sell their home.

You can use your zip code to search the National Association of Realtors online database for SRES certified real estate agents near you. Once you have a list of potentially good candidates, block out some time to talk with each of them. While you can conduct an initial round of interviews by phone, you’ll likely want to meet one or two of your top contenders in person.

Prepare a list of questions ahead of time to be sure you don’t forget to ask something important. Here are a few suggestions to ask each of your realtor candidates:

  • How long have they held the SRES credential?
  • What led them to obtain the SRES designation?
  • How many older adults have they helped sell a home?
  • How does the sale of a senior’s home differ than that of a younger person or family?
  • How would they go about determining what price to list the home?
  • How successful is their track record for getting the asking price for a home?
  • What would they do to market your home?
  • Will they give you advice on staging the home or other tips for ensuring you receive the best possible sale price?
  • Do homes in your community sell better some months than others?
  • Does the realtor have a network of other relocation professionals, such as senior move managers or moving companies?

Finally, be sure to ask for a reference list of older adults who the real estate agent has assisted in successfully selling their homes. Talking with other sellers can help you assess how well the realtor works with and is sensitive to the needs of older sellers.

Moving to The Amsterdam

Finding a realtor who has experience working with seniors can help make your transition to a retirement community go more smoothly.

Our team members are also happy to help answer questions and address concerns about downsizing and relocating. Call us today at 516.472.6636!

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