My Day at The Amsterdam

Some of you may recall Eleanor Roosevelt’s column “My Day” which was printed in a syndicated column when she was first lady. That’s a high standard to set, but I will attempt to tell you about “my day at The Amsterdam” during the Covid pandemic.

Woke up early before my “wake up” call from The Amsterdam. Made breakfast in my great little kitchen and brought in the New York Times from my doorstep. The Times with fresh brewed coffee is my favorite way to start the day.

After my ablutions (I love that word), I was ready for my ZOOM meeting with the Residents Council. The Council consists of 12 members elected by the residents. It oversees about 20 committees ranging from Finance and Budget to Residents Art Displays which supervises the hanging of art donated by the residents to adorn the walls near their apartments. The latter is irreverently referred to as “the hanging” committee. The meeting was hosted by our knowledgeable administrative assistant Gina. I’m always impressed with the variety and depth of talent of our staff and their eagerness to participate in our meetings.

Made a light lunch and caught up on the Op Ed columns and the crossword. Just in time to ZOOM with Dave, The Amsterdam’s personal trainer, who conducts his physical fitness classes on our in-house TV channel. Proper diet and exercise are the watchwords of the health gurus and we are able to get both here.

Made sure to call in my dinner order after carefully scanning the weekly menu and choosing from a tasty variety of appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts. Then I spent a couple of hours with my bridge buddies in our twice-weekly online bridge game. Donned my mask and went outside for a brief walk around the North Lawn, one of the many scenic routes that the residents take when enjoying the out-of-doors. It’s great to hear the birds conversing with one another as they flit among the trees on our campus. It was a chance to chat with fellow residents. (At a distance, of course.)

My dinner order was waiting for me on the shelf outside my door. I tell all my friends that I get room service. I’m looking forward to the limited in-person dining in our dining room and have been making appointments with my friends for intimate (2 residents only) dinners.

Watched some TV and got ready for bed. All in all, a pretty busy day, and I’m looking forward to other ways to spend my time tomorrow. I can’t imagine how my friends who are living alone spend their time. We have so many activities offered to us on ZOOM and on our in-house TV channel that I have to make time to read the book selected by our Amsterdam book club. I’m so grateful to our wonderful staff for helping to make “My Day” a pleasant and fulfilling one.

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Written by Rhoda F.

I just passed my 9th anniversary of living at The Amsterdam. I’ve served as Residents Council Chair and currently represent the residents on the Board of Directors.

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