So What’s Your Plan?

We are all planners. Unless we are resigned to letting the wind blow our sails without any forethought, we have the option of making decisions about the directions our lives take. And this is called planning. When we are small children, much of our life is pre-planned—by our parents, by our teachers, by our community. But as we grow up, we learn to steer our own ship.

As a teenager commuting to Queens College from the Bronx, planning was not only important in deciding what courses to take, but also involved everyday matters such as how to coordinate the four buses or two trains and two buses that I needed to get to school. What should I major in? What career should I aspire to? Decisions, decisions.

As a teacher, my planning book was my bible. Every day’s activities were laid out hour by hour. A kindergarten teacher needs to have eyes in the back of her head in order to keep track of 30 lively five-year-olds doing multiple things at once. So there was no time to think about the day’s schedule. Knowing that I had planned ahead gave me the confidence to give all my attention to the children.

As a wife and mother, planning took many directions. Balancing the schedules of a husband, 4 kids and my own activities was a full-time job and required split second planning. My second career in community development actually provided me with the job description of “Urban Planner.”

In retirement, my husband and I did a lot of traveling. Sometimes planning for our trip was almost as much fun as the journey itself. And our thoughts turned to how we could continue enjoying the rest of our lives. We had heard about CCRCs when we visited a friend’s mother in one in Pennsylvania. The idea of being able to live independently in a secure apartment in a luxurious environment and have a full schedule of interesting activities seemed ideal. Knowing that other levels of care would be available as needed sealed the deal. What a great plan! So when we found out that The Amsterdam at Harborside was planning to build a CCRC right here in Nassau County, we signed up right away. Living here for the past nine years has proved us right—our planning paid off.

So what’s your plan?

Want to learn more about The Amsterdam? Request an information packet or schedule a tour and see for yourself how good life can by at this dynamic independent living community.

Rhoda Finer

Written by Rhoda F.

I just passed my 9th anniversary of living at The Amsterdam. I’ve served as Residents Council Chair and currently represent the residents on the Board of Directors.

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