The View From My Windows

Like many of my fellow residents at The Amsterdam, my experience with apartment living was very limited. So when my husband and I chose our fifth floor apartment (from architectural plans because the building was not yet built) we carefully selected the view we wanted. Facing east, we particularly anticipated being able to catch a glimpse of the waters of Hempstead Harbor.

I did not anticipate that my view would be a constantly changing panorama, depending on the season and the day’s activities. In the foreground of this picture I can see a small piece of greenery of the resident’s garden area. At regular times it is possible to see the “changing of the guard” as various employees arrive and depart to and from their tours of duty. Off to the right, the activity of all of the necessities for our daily living being unloaded. I also get to see the first glimpse of activity as moving vans for new neighbors arrive.

Beyond this scene is a vast display of various shades of green. Trees, bushes, and a meadow with grasses and wildflowers abound. I have watched them grow from small saplings to tall trees of different sizes, shapes and colors. I especially love to look down on them as they perform an intricate dance choreographed by the wind. And then – the promised sight of a patch of blue from the harbor and further still, the expansive wall of greenery across the harbor. In the late afternoon, the sun lights up the dome of our neighboring Greek Orthodox church and encompasses it in a golden glow.

In other seasons, as the trees change color and the leaves disappear, the waters of the harbor stretch out and peek through the tree trunks. The intrepid golfers come out in all seasons and weather and I watch the golf carts silently rolling along on the fairway. Holidays give me the pleasure of seeing fireworks light up the night sky. Every morning, the rising sun floods the apartment with beautiful light and sometimes I even wake early enough to see the sunrise. At night, a full moon is a special treat. And on rare occasions, the 180 degree view of the horizon affords me the glorious sight of a perfect rainbow.

Of course, I think my view is the best, but when I speak to other residents, they extol theirs – the neighboring townhouse village and the sunsets in the west, the wooded area and harbor views to the north, and the golf course and woods on the south side. Like our residents, the views are diverse and fascinating to watch.

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Written by Rhoda F.

I just passed my 9th anniversary of living at The Amsterdam. I’ve served as Residents Council Chair and currently represent the residents on the Board of Directors.

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