We Have Achieved Our New-Normal

Update from Brooke Navarre, Executive Director

Independent Living continues to be COVID-19 free! Precautionary and preventive measures remain in place for the continued health and safety of our community, residents and staff alike. I would like to thank all of you for your cooperation during this challenging holiday season.

We have achieved our new-normal with dual systems in place.

  1. All community rooms are sanitized and pre-set for safe distancing and advanced reservations are required for all events.
  2. We offer online ZOOM programming as well as limited in-person fitness.
  3. Meal delivery remains the preferred choice, however, in person dining is also available.
  4. In addition to the pool, hair salon and weekly delivery of essentials, you can enjoy our open art studio, happy hour and our new coffee bar serving cappuccino and espresso.

Everyone entering our community, must register at Concierge on our Accushield Visitor Management System which includes the COVID-19 screening tool. All visitors are required to make appointments and provide a COVID-19 negative test result dated within 7 days prior to their Harborside visit. We also monitor residents returning from out of the community.

Please do not forget to wear your mask consistently and properly. The theory is that masks can block a significant number of COVID-19 droplets, lowering the dose of the virus a person breathes in and reducing the chances the person will experience serious illness.

Employees are tested on a weekly basis and we have encouraged them to be tested twice weekly. Employees must also follow specific protocols upon leaving and returning from time off.

After enjoying two months of visitation in Tuttle Center due to our COVID free status, unfortunately, we have staff and residents who have tested positive for the virus. Therefore, visitation is currently suspended (with exception of hospice residents). All residents and employees must test negative in order for us to proceed with this re-opening date. Administration performs contact tracing for each positive case and affected individuals are contacted. We are also in touch with the Department of Health epidemiology team on a regular basis and are subject to extensive DOH and CDC reporting.

For those of you going out for holidays with your families, please be sure to take every necessary precaution while you are out. Additional communication will follow for upcoming holiday protocol.

We are currently working with DOH and CDC to obtain COVID 19 vaccines. Additional information to follow.

Please call your Resident Ambassadors for visitation appointments and all general matters. If they do not have answers, they will direct you to the appropriate person.

Tracy Warzer 2nd floor – 516-472-6654
Sharda Sukhdeo 3rd floor – 516-472-6621
Elaine Lucchesi 4th floor – 516-472-6637
Gina DeFeo 5th floor – 516-472-6615
Sharda Sukhdeo 6th floor – 516-472-6621

Please remember to be kind to staff and one another during these difficult times. We are in this together and we will get through this together!

Best wishes to you and your loved ones during this Holiday Season!

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