We Have Succeeded

Yes, we did it! We succeeded in concluding many months of the covid-19 pandemic in good health. Now that we are working through the aftereffects and going forward with the reopening, how can we describe our feelings? We are certainly proud of our accomplishments. We are grateful for the results, appreciative of everyone’s cooperation, delighted to have a happy, healthy community intact and thankful that our leadership initiated a performance modification plan early on when the virus first appeared.

Congratulations are in order to the entire Amsterdam community for maintaining its goal of good health, both mental and physical, during this unprecedented pandemic. Our residents, considered the most vulnerable population, have remained healthy, active individuals, busily attending numerous Zoom meetings and in-house TV classes, eating well, taking walks and socializing, ever cautious to wear a mask and retain social distancing.

This achievement was not easily obtained. It required the cooperation of hundreds of people, each one reliably responsible and amenable to the rules set forth for successful results. The standards established by The Amsterdam administrators followed state and CDC guidelines and were communicated through various outlets such as flyers, TV notifications and phone calls. These standards were not only accepted, but responded to positively and immediately by every single person involved. Employees were tested as they arrived for work. Maintenance and housekeeping staff took on the task of sanitizing the entire property with meticulous care. Dining staff altered their duty assignments from wait persons to meal deliverers, bringing all food items to individual apartments. Other workers took on the task of bringing mail, packages and newspapers directly to each apartment. Trash was collected at apartment doors rather than in the communal trash rooms, and one person at a time entered the elevator. Masks and gloves were worn by all workers, and residents wore masks when leaving their apartments.

Residents were cared for by cheerful, solicitous workers. Administrators provided constant support through phone calls to all residents. Zoom meetings were developed to keep residents physically fit with fitness classes and mentally alert with current events, trivia and life stories programs as everyone tried to maintain the continuity of their pre-virus lifestyle.

We are all cognizant of the serious toll that this virus has taken on the outside senior citizen population. We celebrate every single individual involved in our remarkable success story with genuine appreciation, wholehearted respect and, most of all, a very sincere thank you.

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Written by Joan R.

Joan graduated Magna cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Indiana University and received three graduate degrees in Counseling and School District Administration from Long Island University. A resident of Nassau County since 1953, she has always been active in community affairs as an officer and board member in many organizations. Joan was married for 68 years to Richard and has three children. A resident of The Amsterdam for six years, she is the chairperson of The Amsterdam publication, The Overlook.

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