Why I Appreciate Our New Hometown

As lifelong Long Islanders, Dick and I rarely visited Port Washington. For us, living twelve miles east in Woodbury, it seemed off the beaten track of our usual travel experiences. The few visits that we made to Port Washington were by boat and included docking at Louie’s and walking around the seaport area. Now, location for us has changed, and we have settled in at Port Washington and The Amsterdam. We utilize the shops in town along with the outstanding library on Main Street as we thoroughly enjoy our new hometown.

Recently, my watch stopped, and a new battery was required. As I was scanning the “Living Local” magazine, I came upon an ad for Spellbound, Fine Jewelry and Watch Repair, home of the $5.00 watch battery. Great! Just what I need! I was going to the library, and this shop was a block further down Main Street. I found easy parking nearby and walked into Spellbound. The gentleman behind the counter welcomed me and introduced himself as Earl. There was one other person in the shop who said “hello” and stated that he was not a customer but was only visiting Earl. Earl said “I guess you’re here for a battery. Let me see your watch.” I gave him my watch and he said it would take him two minutes to have it going again. At that point, a woman entered the store, greeted Earl with a big “hello” and a hug and explained that she was in dire need of a ring for her right hand. It seems that she had given her ring to a niece and felt naked without something on her right hand. Earl suggested that she look around while he finished with my watch.

In two minutes, Earl returned, watch completed. I asked him how much I owed him, and his reply was a total surprise. “There is no charge at all. Mother’s Day is coming up next week, and this is a gift in memory of my mother. Enjoy having the watch work again and have a happy Mother’s Day.”

What a delightful happening! I felt like I was in small town USA where residents greet one another and visit friends in the middle of the afternoon for a cup of coffee. This special Mother’s Day gift from Earl improved my whole day and gave powerful validation to our appreciation of living in Port Washington.

Where you live during retirement can impact your quality of life, Port Washington and The Amsterdam at Harborside are the smart choice. Want to learn more about The Amsterdam? Request an information packet or schedule a tour and see for yourself how good life can by at this dynamic independent living community.


Written by Joan R.

Joan graduated Magna cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Indiana University and received three graduate degrees in Counseling and School District Administration from Long Island University. A resident of Nassau County since 1953, she has always been active in community affairs as an officer and board member in many organizations. Joan was married for 68 years to Richard and has three children. A resident of The Amsterdam for six years, she is the chairperson of The Amsterdam publication, The Overlook.

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